Sexy.Honey.Bunny in Kobe - 27th/28th Aug 2011

Here’s my Sexy.Honey.Bunny concert report. I wasn’t able to remember a lot of details, so there might be some errors in my report. And also, my report is quite Okada-biased. :P

I went for 2 shows in Kobe (27th and the 2nd show for 28th). The concert was held at the Kobe World Memorial Hall as seen below:

On the 27th, me and my friends went early to queue for the con goods under the hot hot sun. >_< After buying tons of the con goods, we went on to buy the Sexy.Honey.Bunny singles. Here are the freebies that came with purchase of the singles:

I wrote my message on one of the lip stickers and went to paste it directly next to Okada’s forearm.  Good thing I was early, so there is still space for me but not around his face though.  Too bad I wasn’t able to take a photo of the panel.

When we went into the venue, there was stacks of chirashi from Ken’s upcoming butai, “Lovely Baby’ which I grabbed some for me and my friends. :D This is how it looks like:

The stage this time was 360o, which very different from what we are used to. It’s difficult to describe how it looks like, so I have done a drawing of the stage layout:

 My seat on the 27th is on the 1st row of the stand, Block O.  And on the 28th, it’s at arena block E5. (And did I mention that the seats at Kobe are so small and squeezy? XDDD)

The lights dimmed and everyone jumped to their feet. We can hear the overture of will. Suddenly I see someone rises up from the hanamichi near my seat. Amid the smoke, I saw that he was wearing a hat and I started screaming like crazy. :P It’s OKADA!!!!! It was a very cool entrance. It seems that they were lying beneath the stage and the stage floor opens up to allow them to rise vertically up. On the 2nd day, I was able to see that they were support by metal frame at the back to propel them up.

I cannot remember the positions of the other members except that Nagano was on my left side (Okada is too distracting XD). They started to sing will, Okada moves towards H1 to join Go & Ken. Tonisen is on H2. Their outfit is white and grey. Okada is wearing a white sleeveless top with grey pants with a hat. :)

The next song is OK. Absolutely excited to be able to see them perform this song live. The dance was simply fantastic. :)

And next is Break The Wall! They are now at the center stage. I have to say I was very surprised and excited to see this song on the set list. The dance choreography for this song is totally superb. Makes V6 looks so cool! And add on all the laser effects and the fireworks, they are making minna screaming OMG because they are chou hot. XD

Crank it up!! Another of my must-see-them-perform-it-live songs! Very cool dance choreography too. Followed by Sexy.Honey.Bunny! So cute to see them doing the dance. And we are doing it along with them too. They released silver streamers printed with the con logo at some point of the song. :D Here’s how it looks like:

It was an awesome start to the concert, from Will to Sexy.Honey.Bunny!, simply no time for me to catch a breath when they are bombarding me with all my fave songs. XD

Tonisen went off and only Kamisen remains for 12ヶ月. They walked around taking turns to go up on the 4 gondolas located at each corner. Okada came over to the hanamichi on my left side and went on the gondola which rises and goes round anti-clockwise. It was really nice as it brings them up closer to the 2nd floor stands.  Okada was really cute in the gondola, pointing and pumping his hands up in the air, getting all revved up for what is a slow ballad. (He pointed in our direction, making us goes kya~~~!) XD Ken came up on the gondola on my right side after that. I was very trilled on the 1st night as it brings him right over our heads. :D He was a bit quieter on the 2nd night though and seems to be concentrating on singing, and not so much waving to the crowd.

It is Tonisen’s turn next as they serenaded us with days -tears of the world-. They appeared from H2 and I remembered a bit of them taking turns to pop up from the stage during each other solo parts. Sakamoto’s voice is really nice. I was glad that they sang this, it’s one of my fave Tonisen songs. :)

The lights dimmed, it’s smoky and we see Go reclining on the stage floor at H2 with light shining down on him. So sexy! :D It’s .I think he wore black? The dance is very Go-style. :) He walked to the center stage. He reached out his hand, something lighted up and went swinging around. This part is really cool, like he’s doing magic. When I looked closely, it was actually light bulbs hanging down. He keep dancing and lighting the rest of the light bulbs up. At the end, he turned them off with a snap of his fingers. :)

Next is 桜色桜.Nagano appeared wearing a pale pink color suit with a scarf at H2, with pink colored paper petals/hearts floating down. And it continues raining down on him when he walks to the center stage and to H2 as well. It looks very pretty. ^_^

Sakamoto appeared with Happy Happy Birthday! I think he was wearing a short sleeve top with a vest, very stylish. :) Then Ken & Go came to back-dance for him. They are wearing white jackets with a lot of pin badges on the front with zebra harem pants. (I suspect this outfit is Ken’s handiwork. His jacket even had the badges behind! XD) Inocchi and Nagano also came out later to back-dance for Sakamoto. They wore the same jackets except that they had tight black pants. And the very sweet part of this performance is that the TV screens above the stage showed this lucky birthday girl in the audience and Sakamoto walked over to wish her ‘Happy Birthday’ and ask her to blow out the candles. (The inner part of the center stage has risen up with lighted poles around it, so it looks like a birthday cake. :D) And the TV screens also showed the names of other audience who had their birthday that day. ^_^

Okada appeared (finally! But the zebra harem pants on him….it’s just not him. Hahaha :P) and the next song is New Day. I love this song, glad that they sang it. ^_^

Catch is the next song. They played some catch during the start of the song, throwing balls to each other. :D  It was funny when they didn’t manage to catch it. XD After that they threw the balls to the audience. Everyone got quite high and sing along with V6. Very fun song. :)

WALK is next. It was the first time I had listen to the song as the single was just released during my trip. (Now every time I listen to it, I’m reminded of the concert. :D) The TV screens showed a bit of their Las Vegas trip during the song. They went into pairs and Okada was playing with Sakamoto’s necklace! (This outfit comes with this huge V6 necklace – definitely Ken’s idea. XDDD) Ken was with Nagano. And since they are doing all these lovey-dovey stuffs to each other, Go and Inocchi deliberately refuse to doing anything, just singing the song with a straight face and sitting very properly on the stage. XD

MC Time!

27th – The topic is Music Station. They had gone on MS the night before the con, performing Sexy.Honey.Bunny! They asked if everyone had watched it. :) They even mentioned 2PM, and Inocchi tried to use his body to piece out the words. LOL. At some point during the MC, Okada noticed that he had one of the pink petals from Nagano’s solo stuck to his shoe and he lifted his foot up to remove it. So cute! XD And somehow, they went from talking about MS to talking about senpai relationships in JE, like is Sakamoto more senior than Nakai, why Nagano called Kimura 'Kimura-kun' even when he is more senior, etc…

28th – The topic is Voice. Sakamoto mentioned that his voice sounds similar to Inocchi and Okada. Then Okada said that he has been told that when he’s singing the high notes, his voice sounds like Nagano. Inoccchi ask if we can differentiate their voices when we are listening to their songs. :D He said that Ken’s voice is very easy to recognize and they said that they envy his voice. XD Then, they started to discuss about Okada’s voice, saying that it has changed a lot. They talked a lot but I can’t catch all of it. They started talking about autotune. Ken says they have a few songs with that, like OK, Break The Wall... Inocchi then says he loves Nagano’s voice in autotune. XD Then Nagano sang a line (fumi todomaruna~) from Break The Wall in autotune. He even tries to talk in autotune which is hilarious. Okada is so bad, he asked Nagao to speak ‘po po po’. It was super funny. Ken also joined in the fun. XDDD

After the topic talk ended, they took turns to introduce about their work. Okada talked about Tenchi Meisatsu, Kokurikozaka Kara and the DVD release of SP Kakumei-hen. Go talks about Kinkakuji’s encore performances next year. Nagano talked about his TV bangumi. Ken also promoted his bangumi and also his new butai ‘Lovely Baby’. He took out the chirashi to show everyone. He talked how he had to remove his underwear during the photo shoot as the photographer said that his underwear is showing. XD

They then introduced their new single, showing the freebies that we can get by purchasing the single at the con venue. (Kamisen had the job of doing that XD) On the 2nd day, Okada was day-dreaming when it was his turn to show the freebies and Inocchi had to prompt him. XD Inocchi hints that the panel at Kobe wasn’t very full yet and tells us, yoroshiku onegaishimasu. Hahaha!) A photo of them posing with the panel is shown on the TV screen.

Lights dimmed and the TV screens are showing their Las Vegas video clips. The clips are different for both days. The clips remind me of their GEI road trips. :)

V6 re-appeared again in blue-sequined suits for only dreaming in the center stage. All of them had bow-ties on except for Sakamoto. :P

Next is Mission of Love. Good to have finally get to hear the whole song and seeing it live is such a bonus. :D

A change of pace with Medecine. I just love all these B-side song that they are singing. ^_^

Solo time again, with Okada’s ヨロコビノウ. He came out wearing a shirt with vest. Very simple and nice performance. Had on eyes on him throughout the whole song. :D Inocchi came out towards the end of Okada’s solo in the center stage with a guitar and a harmonica. They chatted a bit, Okada introduced Inocchi’s song as Sen no Kaze. Inocchi made Okada sing it and Okada only managed a bit before laughing out. XDDD Okada then introduced Inocchi’s solo again as 遠いどこまwhich Inocchi then shoot back and says it’s どこ. LOL. Inocchi is quite cute, he had mike stands on all 4 sides, so he took turns to face each side of the audience while singing. So sweet of him. :)

After that, we heard the sounds of high heels walking, Ken and a table with a glass slipper appeared at H1. Ken was wearing a black jacket & pants with a brightly colored T-shirt inside. He had on different ones for both shows. The 1st day, he had neon yellow shoes and on the 2nd day, he had a neon yellow on 1 side and a neon pink on the other side. XD His dance was very cool. His is my 2nd favorite solo from the ready album. :D At the end, he walked to H2 and the table was there again with the glass slipper.

There’s a small interlude here, a small bit of each member’s solo was played with footages on the TV screens. They took turns to appear when their solo was played with their represented color lights shining down on them. Go, Nagano, Sakamoto, Okada, Inocchi and Ken. When all have appeared, they gathered in the middle of H2 and walked down the steps together towards the center stage, like fashion models. I absolutely love this part. They just look so fabulously cool in black suits. Okada looks very sexy with a v-neck top inside. *drools* This is my favorite outfit for him. :D

There was a burst of fireworks and they started to sing You Know? So happy that they choose it sings this song again. I love it in Taiwan and it was fantastic in this concert too.  Gold streamers were released at some point. Up next is Air. They performed it in the middle of the stage with black sheer curtains surrounding them. There were laser lights projecting designs on the curtains. Cool but I cannot see them clearly inside the curtains. >_< Hahaha.

And yes, the moment I had been waiting for. Their brand new song Supernova! I really really LOVE this song! (Prays that they release it somewhere in future!) This song comes with that infamous pole dance! *drools* No words can describe how fab it is, very very sexy. (Prays for a concert DVD and hopes they have this song on multi-angle, I can watch the Okada angle a million times XD) At the end, the stage erupted with bursts of fire. (As if we are not hot enough, hahahaha)

GUILTY is next. Always love to see this song live for the very cool dance choreography. At the end, they did that coin tossing movement and TV screens show 6 coins flipping in the air. :D

A ballad this time, 逢いたく, to soften the mood to prepare for the end. >_< The last song is 明日の. They stood in the center of the stage, stripes of LED lights surround them, like an umbrella. Perfect ending to a wonderful set list. :) They says their goodbyes while the TV screens had a vid of them, very stylish. ^_^

And of course, it doesn’t end here. We started calling for encore. (The Kobe crowd isn’t very vocal compared to other venues that I have been. >_<) Finally, they appeared with a change of clothes to グッデイ!! Okada had a white T-shirt and white jeans, Sakamoto is in mustard yellow (he had the panda T-shirt the 2nd day), Ken wore the panda T-shirt with blue pants and a raccoon hat (kawaii!), Go is in black (he had hats/caps on throughout the whole con, like what I suspected. :P) I can’t remember Inocchi and Nagano’s colors though. Hehehe. Ken had on temporary tattoos on his right arm the 2nd night. His sleeve was pushed up, so that he can show it off. It was 2 US dollar bills. XD

The other encore songs are 本気がいっぱ, Darling, COSMIC RESCUE, 愛なんand HONEY BEAT. During Okada hold out his mike stand to let the audience sing along and he makes us says ‘hey’ so many times. XD

And the very last song – Sexy.Honey.Bunny! Sakamoto will choose a member to do the ‘Sexy’ at the start. The 1st night was Ken with his cheeky ‘Sexy’ and the 2nd night was Okada with his super shy ‘Sexy’. XD They all went on the gondolas again. Okada came over to my right side to go on the gondola. He looked our area for a long time, causing a lot of screams. He seems very high too. XD Especially when his gondola came near us. :D The atmosphere was truly electric now. I think the other members also came to the 2 hanamichi at our area but I can’t remember much. *blames Okada* XD Okada was real cute at the end with his very loud and enthusiastic ‘BYE BYE!’s. :P

We shouted for more and they came out to say goodbyes again. The 1st night Ken blew us the goodbye kiss and the 2nd night it was Sakamoto’s turn. :)



Thanks to V6 for a splendid and memorable concert. They never fail to surprise me, each time outdoing themselves. ^_^

Thanks to friends who went with me on this trip and new friends that I have got to know during this trip. :D

And lastly, thanks for reading. ^_^

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Happy 30th Birthday!

On 18th November 1980, a cute little boy came into this world....

Just want to say 'Happy Birthday!' to Okada Junichi.
Thanks for brightening up my life! ^_^

Happy 15th Anniversary!

It's 1st November! A very memorable date for V6 & all their fans around the world. ^_^ 15 years ago, on this day, 6 men debuted as V6. (Okay, it's 3 men & 3 boys. XD) And in the blink of an eye, they have been together for 15 years. Happy 15th Birthday, V6! Thank you for coming into my life & providing me with many happy moments during all my ups & downs, many new experiences and friends too. V6, you are my shelter. Hahaha :D


More Pics Here :DCollapse )

Happy 39TH Birthday!


Happy Birthday to Sakamoto-kun! My favorite leader in JE. :D
He plays a big part in making V6 what they are now & I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to him for being such a wonderful leader on this very special day. ^_^

Late Birthday Wishes :P

I'm so sorry that this post is so late but still....Happy Belated Brithady to Ken! :D

Finally got some time to scan these up:





                                                                 And lastly..... ^_^


If anyone wants these scans, can get it here. ^_^


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Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to Inohara Yoshihiko a.k.a. INOCCHI! XD

I hope he will have a wonderful birthday with his lovely wife & cute son, even though his day will starts at 5 am. Ganbatte! ^_^

Thank you so much for noticing my uchiwa in Sapporo, making it a very memorable experience for me. Arigatou! :D

READY? in Hokkaido

On the morning of 3rd April, I happily left my friends back at our hotel in Tokyo & set off alone on my journey to see V6 in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Yay! XD

READY?Collapse )

2844 grams bundle of joy!
2nd March is another date that I need to add to my calender --------- Yesterday at 3.45pm, the world welcomed the first baby of V6 & IT"S A BOY!!!!!!! XD

Omedetou, Inocchi & Asaka-san! And to Asaka-san: Otsukaresamadeshita! ^_^

I'm glad that both mother & son are fine. And also that he has his mother's eyes (not that his daddy's eyes are not nice. :P) . XD
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Happy Birthday!

Happy 31st Birthday to dear Go-kun! ^_^

And also...Happy Birthday to my mum too! *this is why I'll always remember Go's birthday, hehehe*

And also...Happy 人日 to everyone! ^_^

Test Time! ^_^

My first post for 2010. ^_^

Hello to all my new friends & old friends too. XD

I saw this Doubutsu Uranai test on & decided to try it too. Quite interesting

You are Blue Wolf, who is open, cheerful and a carefree type of person.
You possess very original atmosphere, and do not like to adjust yourself to others.
You prefer to act on your own and as you like it.
Therefore, at first people think you as a cool person, but once they get to know you, and trust is born, they will understand your good sense of humor and a friendly nature.
You tend to be indifferent and candid to opposite sex as well, so men think you as very bold woman.
But you are actually a soft hearted person.
You have no thought of depending on others.
You believe other people are other, you are you.
And will go on living your own way.
You will not be influenced by emotions.
You are true to your life as well.
Because you tend to be indifferent to the people and situation around you, you give an impression of being thoughtless person.
But once asked to do something, you will carry it out by putting in ever effort you possess.
You are very responsible person.
You tend to change your mind quickly.
And because you like changes, people think you as temperamental.
You have great energy to be able to carry out many things at once, and even if you are busy, once you set your mind, you will definitely carry it out.
You are unique type of woman.
You take time to find the best romance.
You look for honest person, and would act cautiously towards them.
When you get married, you will be good at carrying out housework, and will be able to create a happy family.

If you are interested, you can try it here. ^_^


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